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What our users say

“Western Fur Tannery offers a professional approach in providing high-quality rug services. Great work guys!”

Brian Dobson (World champion wildlife artist)

I have taken numerous animals to western fur for various reasons, some for simple tans, some for express tans some for some more delicate work, Stanley and his crew have always either met or far exceeded my expectations. I have always been and hope to always be very happy with the work that comes out of western fur, I will continue taking my hides there until I’m not.
Keep up the good work guys

Sean Miller

I have been using Western Fur Tannery for over 10 years and the service has been nothing short of excellent. They go out of their way to ensure your finished product is done to your satisfaction and their pricing is equal to any competitor. The quality of tanning has always been of the highest standard and I have all my tanning done here. Turn around time is good and they will assist with special request when asked. I intend on continuing to use this tannery for the foreseeable future.

Bruce Patterson

I have been using Western Fur Tannery since 1996. They have continuously provided my taxidermy business with outstanding service. They are reasonably priced and provide quality product and quick turn around times. I have never considered shopping elsewhere for my tanning services.


I picked up my first black bear hide and they did a really nice job on it. I am very happy with this work and will continue to use them for their good quality work.

Chantelle Marie Walker