Skin Preperation

Raw Skin Preparation:

The purpose of curing is to take away the environment of bacteria and provide a means of storage prior to tanning. It is important that this process is carried out as soon as possible. Bacteria indiscriminately attacks the hide substance by secreting enzymes. They in turn digest the broken down protein. Once the protein that holds the hair follicle is destroyed, hair slippage is irreversible. Although drying a skin as quickly as possible is important, drying by direct heat or exposure to the sun can cause gelatinization and cause hardening.

The most common method for curing is by salting. Salting not only dehydrate the skin but it combines with the protein and separates the fibre. The chloride in the salt also helps to control bacteria, but only if it is salted properly. Halophilic bacteria can live in a salted skin when the moisture content is above 15% and it only becomes dormant when below this point. its is important never be salted below freezing. A skin salted below zero degrees Celsius will only have 20% penetration (therefore, never salt then freeze). It takes approximately 12 hours at room temperature for salt to penetrate the average skin is minimized as much as possible to enable the salt to fully penetrate. When skins containing a high concentration of fat are stored longer than necessary, the fat hardens and causes grease burn. Grease burns on skins are usually hard and dark.

When salting, spread your skin evenly on a flat surface and turn over hollow parts (such as the head and ears) so they are facing skin side up. Use enough salt to cover the entire skin thoroughly and focus on salting the smaller hidden areas around the face also. Let the skin sit for 24 hours (do not fold your skin). If you want to be extra safe you can always shake off the old salt and re-salt your skin.

Always salt the hide immediately.


  • All tanning is accepted at owner’s risks only
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Customers will be notified by phone when tanning is complete. A monthly interest of 2% will added to work if payment is not made within 15 days.
  • All unpaid work subject is subject to sale 30 days after notification of completion
  • Extra charges may apply for oversize hides and extra thick hides
  • Express services are offered at 30% extra of tanning price

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